Toss It Tuesday: The Kitchen Sponge

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Toss It Tuesday: The Kitchen Sponge

The Kitchen Sponge.  It seems innocent enough and you’ve gotta clean your dishes with something, right?

Here’s a quick run down of why I stopped using them years ago:

Here’s what I use instead and why:

The Skoy is made from cotton and is long-lasting, easy-to-clean and will scrub off just about anything you need to. Throw it in the dishwasher to clean.

The Eco-Coconut Dish Scourer is 100% plastic-free and made from sustainably farmed coconut husks.

Making a quick, simple swap can make a big difference.

Conservation Saves:

A general rule for regular, disposable Kitchen Sponges is to replace them once a week to keep germs at bay. If you are following that rule that's 52 sponges you're tossing each year or over 3,000 sponges in your lifetime. 

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