Cleaning Guide


Everything Soap works to clean all those dirty dishes quickly and safely.

We pair it with a Swedish Dish Cloth for glass and light cleaning and a Skoy Scrub for tough, stuck-on food.

Dry dishes quickly with our Waffle Weave Cleaning Cloth.


Hands & Body

You'll want this next to every sink. Everything Soap mixes easily to get messy hands clean.

Our blend is tough on messes, but gentle on even the littlest hands.


Our All-Purpose Concentrate cleans even the stickiest counters.

The Mojito blend has an amazing mint + citrus smell that's clean and refreshing while making sure all of your messes are handled with ease. Mix it in any bottle or use our glass refillable bottle to reduce your plastic consumption.

Glass & Stainless

When you blend our All-Purpose Concentrate with distilled water you get a streak-free clean on any surface.

Pair it with our Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for an easy, streak-free shine.


Sprinkle Surface Scrub over the sink, give a squirt of Everything Soap and then scrub with a Skoy and warm water.

Run the Skoy through the dishwasher for a complete disinfecting process.  

See the Kitchen Sink Bundle for complete cleaning power for less.

More info: How to Clean the Kitchen Sink

Hard Floors

Mix purified or distilled water and 1/4 tsp Everything Soap into an empty spray bottle. Spray and Mop hard floors for a clean, safe shine.

More info: How to Clean your Hard Floors

Baby Bottles

If you have a baby, you wash a LOT of bottles. And you worry about what's on them. Our Everything Soap is great for all the washing and safe for little ones. We use the Bottle Brush with it for a quick clean.


Safe enough for our littlest family members. Our All-Purpose Cleaner will get surfaces clean without leaving a harmful residue or chemicals in the air.


Whatever cleans the toy is still on it when the little ones play with them. So, we use Everything Soap in a sink full of water. Someone sick or really need to sanitize them? Toss in a 1/2 cup of vinegar with the Everything Soap.

Shower & Tub

COMING SOON: October 2020

Tile & Grout

COMING SOON: October 2020


COMING SOON: October 2020


Everything Soap makes a great pet shampoo, right out of the bottle.

Even pets with sensitive skin can benefit from the gentle blend. You can read more about using it on our blog here.

Makeup Brushes

Everything Soap and warm water on the bristles. Reshape bristles by hand. Then, hang off the counter to dry. Leaving them on a towel can create mildew.

More info: How to Clean your Makeup Brushes