Organize your clean routine.

This 6-compartment Cleaning Caddy is the perfect tool for getting your cleaning organized and done quickly. It can hold your spray bottles, rags, cleaning tools and makes it easy to move from job to job around the house. Just grab it and go!

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How we use it:


The Cleaning Caddy has been essential for me to keep my cleaning products (All Purpose Cleaner and Surface Scrub) and Unpaper Towels (coming soon) organized and separated from the others. I keep the Caddy in the laundry room where my husband and kids can find it. When it's time to clean their bathroom, they know where to find it and can get to work!


I keep this filled and in the Laundry Room for quick access. I have All Purpose Cleaner, Surface Scrub, a Skoy for scrubbing and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths stored in the compartments. Anyone in the house can grab it and use it quickly and easily AND I don't have to answer "Where's the cleaner?" anymore. 🙌🏼